Application is free for all tariffs

Integration of Bitrix24 and Google Analytics 4

What you need to make integration work

    Install the application
    The app is available in Bitrix 24.Market free for all tariffs.

    Ensure ClientID is saved in CRM Bitrix24
    You must save the value to the Lead/Deals text box in CRM Bitrix24 when you create it. By default, when you install an application, the Client ID B242GA field is created and it is already selected in the settings. You can change it to any other field, for example, if you use an external integration that saves the ClientID to another field. But in the settings this field should always be specified.

    Options for saving ClientID to CRM

    Own realization
    If you are using your own integration implementation to save requests/orders to CRM or third-party integration, contact the developer or service support to add ClientID to CRM.

    Script b242ga.js
    This is the easiest way. It will work if you use only CRM forms and Bitrix widget (shapes and chats) to create leads/deals. Simply place the script on the form and/or widget page. The code is available in the "Settings" section of the application. There is nothing else to configure to save the ClientID. The value will be added automatically to the CRM.
    Link events to transaction stages for
    offline conversions
    Create events to transfer offline conversions in the Conversion section of your project.
    For each Bitrix24 Deal stage events are connected to stages. Linked events will be transferred to Google Analytics 4 as offline conversions.
    An example of a full integration configuration cycle
    The example shows the option using the script b242ga.js

    Features of setting transaction stages

    Pre-set conversion "purchase" can be used to bind to any stage. Upon reaching this stage, GA4 will transfer the transaction (the amount, currency and commodity of the transaction, if the goods are specified). This will be useful for projects with a deferred closing date when financial calculations do not occur at the "successful transaction" stage. Also, the transaction will be transferred if any other conversion goal other than purchase is tied to the "deal successful" stage.
    Pay attention

    1. For the transaction stage, whether it is successful or made transaction through purchase is required to fill in the "sum" field. If no amount is specified when the transaction stage is reached, the transaction will not be transferred to GA4, and an error will be specified in the B242GA application log.
    2. If you are not using purchase at the final stage, then it is not recommended to bind to the final stage of conversion otherwise the transaction can be transferred twice - once at the stage of purchase, the second time when the stage is converted to "successful transaction"
    Application User Information for GA4 Version

    Since July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics has officially ceased operations and has been completely replaced by Google Analytics 4. If you have configured the B242GA integration before that date, to work with GA4 you need to reset and specify parameters
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