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B242GA allows you to take advantage of the Google Analytics capabilities array in analysing bitrix24 transactions and leads.
B242GA allows the valuing of each user acquisition channel
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Пользовательское соглашение
By accepting these Terms of Service and entering data on the Website (the "Website") in an online registration form, the User:

  • confirms that the submitted data are his/her personal data;
  • acknowledges and agrees that he/she has carefully read these Terms of Service in their entirety,
  • as well as the terms, included herein, of processing personal data entered in the online registration form;
  • acknowledges and agrees that he/she has understood all the provisions hereof, as well as the terms of personal data processing;
  • gives consent to the processing of the submitted personal data by the Website for the purposes of User registration in the Website;
  • agrees to be bound by the terms of personal data processing in their entirety and without reservation.

The User gives consent to his/her personal data processing, which implies carrying out activities described in clause 3 section 1 of article 3 of Federal Law On Personal Data No. 152-ФЗ dated July 27, 2006, and confirms that this consent is given voluntarily and freely, and in his/her own interest.

The User's consent to the personal data processing is specific, informed and conscious.
This consent is applicable to processing of the following personal data:

  • surname, name, patronymic;
  • phone numbers;
  • e-mail addresses.

The User grants the website the right to carry out the following activities (operations) with his/her personal data:

  • collecting and accumulating data;
  • storing data within the timeframe established by regulatory documents for the information storage for the purposes of reporting, but not less than for three years from the moment when the User stopped using the Website services;
  • refining (updating, amending) data;
  • using them for the purposes of User registration in the Website;
  • destroying data;
  • transferring them to third parties while also ensuring protection of personal data from unauthorized access.

The specified consent shall remain in force without limit of time, and you can withdraw it by submitting an application to the Website administration stating the data stipulated in article 14 of Federal Law On Personal Data. The User can withdraw his/her consent to personal data processing by sending an informal notification to

The Website shall not be liable for the use (both lawful and unlawful) by third parties of information published by the User on the Website, including its reproduction and distribution in any possible way.

The Website is entitled to amend these Terms of Service. When amending the effective version, the date of the last amendment shall be specified. The new version hereof comes into force once it is published, unless otherwise stipulated by the new version of the Terms of Service.
General Data Protection Regulation
The following Privacy Policy is applicable to users of (except for the cases specified below).

Your confidentiality is essential to us. We recognize the importance of protecting your personal data. For this purpose, we have developed and implemented this Privacy Policy, so that you have a clear view of how we collect, use, share and amend your personal data.

The data we collect on users are decentralized and safely stored on servers located in Russia.

The scope of personal data
Personal data means any information that relates to a natural person (citizen) and can be used to identify this person, whether directly or indirectly, e.g. name, date and place of birth, home address, marital status, social security data, data on financial position, education, profession, income, as well as other information.

All the personal data that we process are kept in strict confidence and are protected in accordance with the respective legislation.

Personal data processing means any activity (operation) or set of activities (operations) performed on (with) personal data, with the use of automation tools or manually. Such activities (operations) include collecting, obtaining, recording, classifying, accumulating, storing, refining (updating, amending), retrieving, using, transferring (sharing, providing, giving access to), anonymizing, blocking, deleting, destroying personal data.


Being a user of our website, you can provide us with your personal data, which we will utilize for identification purposes and to communicate with you, give you access to Application and information. Personal data may include (without limitation) the following information: your name, e-mail address, phone number. We collect personal data for the purposes of giving access to the application, answering your questions, providing information on the services and sending promotional materials, as well as in order to improve our Products.

We also collect the following information:
Data obtained from your browser: cookies, IP addresses, browser type and version, viewed webpages of the Macte Products, time of day when webpages are visited and other stats. We may also use third-party services (such as Google Analytics), which establish their own privacy policies that describe how they use the provided information;

Data on your location, which are provided subject to your browser or device settings. You can switch off geo-tracking services in the settings of your device.


Refusal to provide personal data
You can refuse to provide personal data to us when we request you to do so. If you choose not to provide your personal data to us, we will not be able to grant you access to the Application. Please send your refusal to provide the personal data to

Deleting personal data
You can request that your personal data be deleted. To do this, please write to

Consent to using personal data
You can refuse to receive information and promotional materials from To do this, use the 'unsubscribe' link in a promotional e-mail you have received, or send your request to

Disabling cookies
You can delete or block certain cookies in your browser settings, but once you have done this, we will not be able to grant you access to the Macte Products. Please refer to the Cookies Policy section for more details.

You can ask that we delete, amend or provide your personal data stored by us at any time. To do this, please send your request to

We have the right to refuse to process the requests which are unjustifiably repetitive or systematic, and require disproportionate technical effort (for example, requests to delete data stored on backup medium), which may compromise the confidentiality of other users' personal data. In any case, we delete or amend personal data at no cost, except when these actions involve disproportionate effort.

Please note that the data which do not fall into the scope of personal data may be still stored, even if you stop using the b242ga Application and request your personal data erasure.

Minors' confidentiality
Only individuals who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to access the b242ga Application. The Application does not address any audience under 13 years of age (the "Children"). Had any personal information of children under 13 been collected by us, it had been done unknowingly. If you are a parent or guardian of a minor and you find out that your child has provided his/her personal data to us, do not hesitate to contact us. Once we become aware of having collected personal information of a minor under 13 years of age without parental consent, we will take measures to delete this information from our servers.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to update and amend our Privacy Policy at any time, and you shall from time to time check it in order to ensure that you are up-to-date on its latest version. Your further use of the Product after any amendments have been made to the Policy on this webpage shall mean that you agree on the amendments and agree to comply with and be bound by the amended Policy. We shall notify you either by a letter to an e-mail address that you have provided or by placing an announcement on the website and ensuring it is easily visible.

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